"We are so grateful for the Longboard/Skateboard community coming together like this! When people who vibrate at a high frequency meet people who also vibrate at a high frequency, that frequency is amplified. It creates something like a force field around that group through which no negative energy can get through. This is what happens at our sessions! Vibrate peace and love! 

Longboard, Skateboard, or Eboard, it doesn't matter, we are all riding boards with wheels, we are all one community so come through and vibe with us no matter what you're riding!! Date, Time, and Location are on the flyer but if you need help with anything feel free to DM us. See you there" - Indigo Riderz


Community Roots Program

The Skate-Everything School Community Roots Program aims to connect with local skateboarders and community members. Through this new initiative, we hope to provide equipment for those in need, so they can develop a love and skill for skateboarding. To celebrate the birth of our new program and our company’s first anniversary, we will be teaming up with Bustin Boards, which has been a huge supporter of our business since day one. We are so grateful for our S.E.S. family and look forward to continuing to grow our community.

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