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Find information on our youth and adult sessions, after-school options, and private group classes ahead.

Here are our booking options for April and May 2024. Each session is tailored to the skater's skill level and learning objectives. We offer lessons in custom locations throughout the five boroughs and have set locations where we teach more frequently. If you are interested in group sessions or event requests, reach out to us here

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Why S.E.S.

Not your typical way of learning how to skate!

We are highly skilled, CPR-certified coaches with experience serving thousands of youth and families in the NYC area. We are reputable and respectable members of our communities with local organizations, including New York City Open Streets and DHS Experience, working with school-aligned programs like Chill Foundation and Stoked Mentoring. We have long-standing relationships with parents and staff from schools including Bank Street School, P.S. 9, Democracy Prep Charter Schools, and more Customizable programming tailored to your school's and student's needs

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