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S.E.S. Program Features

Learn more about what we do for our community!

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Get ready to improve your life through board sports

What does skateboarding do for you?

Skateboarding is a great sport to practice independently or in a group setting. At its core, skateboarding is a means of transportation—like rollerblading or cycling. You'll build physical skill, confidence, and discipline by practicing skateboarding. You'll also be able to apply personal style and creativity to enhance your experience. 

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What we believe

Principles to learn through skateboarding

  • You may fall many times, but getting up is what matters

  • It's okay to reset and start over

  • Safety is part of the practice

  • Trust in your abilities

  • Fun is on the other side of fear

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What will you learn from this experience?

The physical benefits of skateboarding

  • Endurance and cardiovascular exercise (it's a fun option for cardio and breaking a sweat!)

  • Agility and coordination

  • Leg, core, and abdominal strength 

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